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Gas and Water Leak Detection

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Whether it’s water leak detection or a gas pipe leak detection we detect your leak in the Rockingham area.

Rockingham Plumbing and Gas offer a proffesional and highly expertised service when it comes to water and gas leak detection.

We are leak detection specialists and will be able to locate your water leak or gas leak and begin a pipe repair. When you have or suspect a water leak we would advise you do something about it sooner rather than later. Water leaks not only waste WA’s precious water supply and increase your water bill if not fixed early, but it can over time cause structural damage to your property or home.

Not all water leaks are obvious, where a burst pipe can be seen with water gushing from it. Sometimes you will notice that an area of your property is damp and showing evidence of leaking water but the damp area isn’t always close to the area of the leak. With Rockingham Plumbing and Gas Service’s water leak detection equipment we can locate and isolate your water leak in no time.

A gas leak is much more dangerous than a water leak and cannot just be left unrepaired, should you gas company suspect an increased useage due to a gas leak then they will cap your supply to prevent possible danger to you and your neighbours. Once a gain we pride ourselves in being one of Rockinghams leading gas leak detectors and can find and repair your gas leak for you.

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