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Gas and Water Piping Repair and Installation

Generally when you have a burst water pipe, that pipe can be repaired can be repaired, there are occasion however when due to a pipe being old or corroded that the pipe can be broken beyond repair.

We offer an experience and service in the Rockingham area 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and will locate the cause of the burst water pipe to prevent further damage to your property and follow this up with a quick and efficient pipe replacement or repair.

Burst water pipes can cause some serious damage to your home and can be caused by worn joints or connections, digging in the backyard or completing renovations (damaging plumbing you were unaware of), Extreme Temperatures (the constant expanding and contracting of the pipe and its surrounding structure).

Should you currently have a burst pipe then follow these instructions to reduce the damage to your property:

  • Locate the water mains and turn off
  • Call Rockingham Plumbing and Gas on 0409 295 008
9593 4594
0409 295 008
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